Taking action

This is a list of links to websites of various organisations which are campaigning, raising awareness or promoting action on biodiversity conservation.  There is a heavy bias towards the UK, as this is a British-based blog; there is also an emphasis on less well-known groups, those which encourage participation, and those which seem to have something interesting to say.

These organisations display a large range of approaches and attitudes, and inclusion on this list does not represent unqualified support for a group’s activities; in fact, one of my aims with Into the Eremozoic is to examine critically responses to the biodiversity crisis.  Hopefully, however, there will be some information here which may inspire individuals to take effective, personally satisfying action.

BANC : Independent British group taking a critical view of nature conservation

Biofuelwatch : Group campaigning on the negative impacts of industrial biofuels

Born Free Foundation : International charity aiming to keep “wildlife in the wild”.

Borneo Project : Group supporting rainforest communities in safeguarding their lands and future

Buglife : UK group working for invertebrate conservation

Carrifran Wildwood : Reforestation project in the Scottish southern uplands

Earth First! worldwide : Militant direct action movement for wilderness protection

Earth First! action reports UK : UK-focused environmental direct action network

Endangered Species International : Organisation focusing on work with critically endangered species

Extinction Symbol : Dissemination project from UK street artist Xylo

ExtInked : Participatory tattoo project creating ambassadors for endangered species

Friends of the Earth : International campaigning network

Great Bustard Group : Working to reintroduce the Great Bustard to southern England

Global Witness : Group campaigning on natural resource related conflict and corruption

Greenpeace : International environmental pressure group

John Muir Trust : UK’s largest wild land conservation charity, working in Scotland

Knepp Estate : Rewilding land management project in Sussex, southern England

Magic of Life : Small independent Welsh trust aiming to increase understanding of the natural world

MEMO : Mass extinction monitoring observatory

Mountain Woodland Project : Project to reforest Scottish uplands

Plantlife : Charity for the conservation of British wild plants

Rewilding Europe : Project for large-scale rewilding of abandoned land in Europe

Rising Tide : Grassroots network taking action on climate change

Sea Shepherd : International direct action marine conservation organisation

Species Alliance : raising awareness of the sixth mass extinction

The Black Fish : European-based group campaigning on marine conservation and overfishing

The Conservation Volunteers : Network of UK groups involving volunteers in green land management work

The Source : Partnership working for ecological restoration in the River Calder catchment, northern England

Trees for Life : Scottish organisation working to restore the Caledonian Highland forest

Treesponsibility : Reforestation project in the Calder valley, northern England

VINE : Exploring values, ethics and feelings in nature conservation

Wild Ennerdale : Landscape rewilding project in Cumbria, northern England

Wildlife Trusts : UK network of local wildlife conservation groups

Wolves and Humans Foundation : Charity working for conservation of Europe’s large carnivores

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