Information sources

There are many online sources of information which can be useful in understanding the biodiversity crisis.  Here are some links :

ARKive : educational image bank on endangered species

Bioclimate : Biodiversity and climate info feed

Biodiversity Heritage Library : Consortium of libraries making heritage documents available online

Biodiversity Hotspots : Inventory of prime concentrations of biodiversity, made by Conservation International

Biodiversity Information Service for Europe : Portal for biodiversity info in the EU

Catalogue of Life : Project to create an online index of the world’s species

: The UN convention on international trade in endangered species

Conservation Maven : Online hub for latest research in conservation biology

Convention on Biological Diversity
: Website for the UN convention

Crisis of Life : Video project informing on the biodiversity crisis

Encyclopedia of Life : Project for free online documentation of all species known to science

Global Biodiversity Information Portal : Free and open access to biodiversity data

Instant Egghead on the Sixth Mass Extinction : Introductory video from Scientific American

Mass Extinctions : An overview of the mass extinctions in our planet’s history :  Prolific conservation news site, especially for tropical forests

National Biodiversity Indicators Portal : Info on national biodiversity indicators

National Biodiversity Network : Datasets on UK biodiversity

Natureserve : Network of biodiversity inventories for the Americas

NERC – Biodiversity : Useful introduction to biodiversity and related concepts

OBIS : Collation of datasets on marine biodiversity

Red List : IUCN list of threatened species

Reefbase : Global information portal for coral reefs

Science in School on the CBD : Good introduction to biodiversity and the UN convention, aimed at schools

Society for Conservation Biology : Global network for conservation scientists

The Sixth Extinction : Website about the biodiversity crisis

UK Biodiversity Portal : Hosted by the UK Natural History Museum

Wildlife Extra : News site about wildlife and conservation worldwide

World Conservation Monitoring Project : UN body aiming to scientifically inform conservation policy

World Database on Protected Areas : Global info on nature reserves

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